Delicious and Fresh Treats Every Day: Living Near Malvern Hills Bakery in North Carolina

Experience the Joy of Fresh Baking at Malvern Hills Bakery

Located just 5.7 miles away at 1570 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC, Malvern Hills Bakery is a cherished local establishment known for its delightful array of baked goods. This bakery is celebrated for bringing the community together through the universal language of delicious, freshly made treats.


Indulge in the Freshness of Malvern Hills Bakery

Malvern Hills Bakery stands out for its commitment to quality and freshness, offering a wide range of baked goods that are prepared daily. From crusty breads to sweet pastries, every item is crafted with care, ensuring that patrons enjoy the finest flavors. Whether you’re seeking a morning pastry to start your day or a loaf of artisan bread to accompany your meal, Malvern Hills Bakery provides an exceptional experience with every bite.


A Gathering Spot for Food Lovers

More than just a bakery, Malvern Hills Bakery serves as a warm gathering place for residents and visitors alike. It’s a spot where you can meet friends for coffee and cake, grab a quick and tasty lunch, or simply savor the comforting aroma of baking bread. The bakery’s inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect place to unwind and indulge in the simple pleasures of life.

Your Ideal Home Near Malvern Hills Bakery

Choosing a home near Malvern Hills Bakery in Candler, NC, means embracing a lifestyle filled with the joys of fresh baking. Stone Ridge offers a variety of new houses in Candler, NC, designed for those who appreciate the allure of daily fresh treats. Whether you’re exploring homes for sale in Candler, looking for new family houses, or seeking the expertise of a custom home builder, our properties are ideally located to offer you a delightful living experience.

Stone Ridge: Where Home Meets Culinary Delight

At Stone Ridge, we understand that the perfect home is about more than just the building—it’s about the lifestyle it enables. Our new homes in NC are crafted to offer a harmonious living experience, where the convenience of nearby amenities like Malvern Hills Bakery enhances your daily life. Opting for a new house for sale near this beloved bakery means that delicious, fresh baked goods are always just moments away.

Begin Your Life of Culinary Convenience

Are you ready to live in a place where the smell of fresh bread and pastries fills the air? Visit Stone Ridge or explore our available homes at our listings page to find your new home in Candler, NC. Live in a community where every day can start with the delightful offerings of Malvern Hills Bakery, enhancing your living experience with every tasty treat.