Your Key to Diverse and Hearty Delights: Living Near The Hop West in North Carolina

Discover the Sweet Life at The Hop West

Nestled just 6.9 miles away at 721 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC, The Hop West is more than just an ice cream shop—it’s a destination for anyone looking to indulge in a variety of sweet and hearty treats. Known for its innovative flavors and commitment to quality, The Hop West offers a delightful experience for dessert lovers of all ages.


Indulge in the Unique Flavors of The Hop West

The Hop West stands out for its creative approach to ice cream and desserts, offering an array of choices that go beyond the traditional. From classic favorites to inventive new creations, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a rich, creamy scoop of ice cream, a refreshing sorbet, or a vegan treat, The Hop West caters to all preferences with its focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


A Hub for Sweet Experiences and Community Gatherings

Beyond serving delicious desserts, The Hop West is a vibrant community hub where families, friends, and dessert aficionados come together to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot for casual outings, special celebrations, or a sweet end to a day out in Asheville.

Your Ideal Home Near The Hop West

Choosing a home near The Hop West in Candler, NC, places you in close proximity to a world of sweet delights and enjoyable experiences. Stone Ridge offers a selection of new houses in Candler, NC, designed for those who cherish the accessibility to diverse culinary treats. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Candler, searching for new family houses, or in need of a custom home builder, our properties ensure a lifestyle enriched with the flavors and joys of The Hop West.

Stone Ridge: Where Culinary Delight Meets Comfortable Living

At Stone Ridge, we believe that a great home is complemented by the local amenities and experiences it offers. Our new homes in NC are crafted to provide residents with a lifestyle that balances comfort, convenience, and culinary exploration. Living near The Hop West means having access to an array of delectable treats just a short drive away, adding a touch of sweetness to your everyday life.

Start Your Flavorful Journey

Are you ready to live in a place where the key to diverse and hearty treats is right at your doorstep? Visit Stone Ridge or browse our available homes at our listings page to find your new home near The Hop West in Candler, NC. Embrace a lifestyle where every day offers the opportunity to indulge in your favorite desserts and discover new flavors, all within the welcoming community of your neighborhood.